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I talk about my cats. A LOT. Comic books too. Plus, I like talking to people from all walks of life.

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Good Lord! Have you ever seen a leg so pasty white???

Today's Blu-Ray arrivals courtesy

as a matter of fact, they are

Haha. I just went to the window and heard a "Mrrr?" this is what I found :)

My oldest :)

Stuff I need to watch. Avatar arrived today and the Fleischer Superman remasters arrived yesterday.

Dutch's eye is just about healed which is why you can't see the ulcer. It's there, but very small.

Nice parking job, asswipe

Okay, that's valid. But I'm speaking purely about what you do in your down time. I'm just not someone who needs a ton of adventure to be happy. I rather like coming home to my kitties ;)

Pun'kin is a proper lady


Do I need to explain the awesomeness of this picture? Didn't think so.

I must have missed something. What are they selling on Facebook?

I probably don't want to know how I ended up on a mailing list for "American Girl" magazine

Tempted to get a Christmas tree just so I can hang one of these. Yes, I'm a geek.

Orca snuggled up in the bedding as it air dries

Orca sitting on the top of my chair and purring in my ear

My MRI. cool!

The view from my chest

Someone wants me to scratch her tummy...