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I talk about my cats. A LOT. Comic books too. Plus, I like talking to people from all walks of life.

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Live Draw @ Nok Nok #ECCC

Fun dinner with , and

James Marsters panel @ #ECCC

he has his moments... Is this more to your liking?

okay. Here's what you signed up for....

Dutch is hiding from the eye doctor.

Snow in Snoqualmie

This is what passes as excitement on a Saturday in Twin Peaks

This is how we watch tv in the Burnham household

A face that says "love me"

At least they apologized to me.

For Asgard!!

It just arrived! Yay! Watching when I get back from the grocery!

A rainy day in Twin Peaks

Staples in Issaquah apparently has a mascot rooster hanging around outside. WTF??

My cat Orca hiding under a pile of covers.

Pun'kin wishes all of you a happy new year

Look who's competing with you for my attention right now. :)

I have never had Matzo. Is it good?