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Centre Court, Bristol campus. Not cut quite as short as the more famous one. Can't wait for June25

I've never told you this. But I've been a huge Notre Dame fan since '86.

Nice sit down with Maria after historic win. Sportscenter running it.

One eye on the sky. Don't like the look of that.

Paris' best burger, sez NYTimes. For 42€ ($52) ! Great but not quite worth that.

If you're waking up... Try my morning fix. 3 per day minimum. Even these are attractive in Paris

Official uniform for courtside access. Stylish and comfortable.

Daily Paris postcard. Some go inside to see art. Some just hang out on the lawn and drink wine.

Keep running into this guy around Paris. Nadal could run into him in round4. Is Milos Raonic ready for a Major breakthrough?

This is the courtside reporter look got at the French. Yes, those are rubber spikes. Controversial.

Jimbo Fisher in a poker game as part of our promo shoot

Kirk acts like he is handy during shoot.

2 stinky feet @ 30k feet belong to guy in row behind my wife. Wow. Are manners dead?!

Did u expect a turtle family photo to hit your Twitter today?

From our apartment window - the shuttle on a 747 this am. Photo credit:Jennifer Dempster. Zoom it in!

Wardrobe ready for ChampLeague QF today. Confident but also apprehensive.

Rafa explaining his knee troubles. Show u his interview at 3et

Meeting friends @ 14k feet

Sunset in Rockies.Good memories of climbing these peaks as a kid.

These blow. But court not dry enough yet for Rafa & Roger to start