Nothing more than a comic book, sci-fi, post-rock loving #nerd, #skeptic, #atheist, #feminist, & mental health advocate. KiK: caycepollard #Denver

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Heya. Sorry to bug you, but I can't get Droplr to authenticate within the app. Get this error.

Is this showing “respect”?

God has nothing on . #atheism

Look, I know you’re offended. The thing is, I don’t fucking care.

Hi guys. I just started using the app & love it. Problem though, I connected my Twitter but it’s not linkd

Testing new camera app. Ignore my butt ugly visage.

This is what #misogyny does. Women are nothing but sexual products for the male gaze. #Feminism

Just using my new graffiti keyboard. God it’s great to be #jailbroken.

Aye sir

Oh wow, just discovered the search function. Wow wow wow. //

The hypocrisy of gender.

How. Fucking. Epic. This is real. A newly built launch pad for upcoming private space vacations. Here we come Mars

The double standard of the sexes. #Feminism

Afternoon in Japan.

This f&$*ing fuzzy pain in the ass kept me up all night trotting around on the roof. Finally got her down. Stupid mog

Religion is always a choice. Take Malala