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@TEDx Speaker. 3D Graphics Designer. Keynote Master. Entrepreneur. Founder+CEO @Saborstudio. Concert addict. Random cinephile.

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Random jamming session with complete strangers at a bar in #Malpais. Worth carrying my guitar.

Only some of you will get it. I think might enjoy it more than most. English is weird…

I shot this on Friday while covering an event for . Felt the need to share. #surf #reefclassiccr

Todos los caminos llevan a chepe. #CostaRica.

Just Quentin #Tarantino washing his Pussy Wagon. Absolute awesomeness. #KillBill #DjangoUnchained

FOTOS- Incendio en el Estadio Nacional #SanJose2013

Would have loved this to be the reason why the power went out. #Superbowl

Quentin #Tarantino owns the #PussyWagon used on #KillBill. It's parked outside his driveway. #facts

This kid never learned. #Clinton #inaug2013

The last 12/12/12 12:12 that most of us will see in our lifetimes. (Next x5 date on 01/01/2101 1:01)- Make it count!

It's been 64 years since the abolition of the army in #CostaRica. We are the happiest country in the world #truestory

is forced to remove his "Revolution" Tweet after new #Election2012 results come in.

, te llegó mi mail con la invitación y el link para las entradas?

Why, Twitter? Why would you do that? #translation #fail "Tuit"???!!

Literally, the most epic Youtube Video stats of all time. #GangnamStyle

President just crashed Reddit with his AMA.

#winning mua Jaja!!

Caos para entrar a la Liga, hay un RAS accidente en la pista, NO relacionado al temblor.