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Trying to shift furniture around for BBQ, Rosie decides to take a nap. #bloodycats #bbq

um there was meant to be a photo lol I am so smooth

I have the stuff to make a brooklyn blackout cake. Should I do it and who wants some? Yay or nay.

eating comfort food now. Pancakes + maple and honey syrup, you are my true friends. So is feminax.

haaanging out with this glorious friday. attempts to get drunk failed oh well lol

Admire 's bootiful hairrrr.

About to see Attack The Block! Fuck yeaaah!

Sorry if it's terrible quality but looks like a pimp.

Woke up to this. One Tree Hill, Kick Ass, Batman R.I.P, Buffy, misfits series 2.

xx not my revision notes it is a palm xx

Not a huge success but I'm still getting the hang of it. Curling tongs are huge too.

K-9 meets Basil.

eating homemade pizza and watching Four Lions. This is the life!

We're blocking out Sarah on CSI to make it perfect and loling at Family Guy.

Donald Sutherland doing his thing on my film notes.

omfg sinbad is on and they're being attacked by a giant walrus. I'm dying.

The Damnation of Faust starts soon. Directed by Terry Gilliam.

Brendon's signing for and Dallon's pick. :D this has been a good night, non?

Found this on my way to counselling. Cute!

Bacardi classic. This day has called for a drink okay