Catherine Fischer


college junior. actress, singer, cellist. i love loud music, soccer, and red bull.

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with the doll, he's in love

Oh really?

Woot collage number 1! Hs and fresh. year. Gotta make a 2nd one for soph year!

krysten ritter :) woot

just read this in newsday, one step closer in new york! #itgetsbetter

This is why people hate garden city. We sell signs like this one. Really gc, really?

This is why people hate garden city. We sell signs like this.

Boys don't keep toilet paper in their bathrooms but they keep proactive #whatlosers

"I sat like this in a chair and just stayed there."

We have our own app...really scranton?

Picture on the back of intro to theatre text

Quote written by someone in the nay aug tree house!

While the director is giving actor notes, the stage management is making frogs out of index cards

Hahahaaa erin

When I go to crack open a pistachio I expect to find something inside. #howrude


Drunk men hitting us on drunk girls holla? Weeiirddd

The inside of a pumpkin seed! hehehehehe

Juusssttt chillinggggggg

Sky from 5th floor of the library with 5th floor reflection

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