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see relationship between Charleston Cty precincts vote share for Romney in 2012 & Sanford on Tuesday

Relationship b/w how Charleston County precincts voted in 2012 prez election & in Tuesday's special election #scpol

In 2012 prez election, Obama carried Charleston County w/ 50.39% (81,487) to Romney's 48.01% (77,629) #scpol #SC01

Map of #SC01 Congressional District made up of Beaufort, Berkeley, Charleston, Colleton & Dorchester counties #scpol

Via : 7 in 10 Young Adults (born after 1980) Favor Same-Sex Marriage http://www.pewresearch.org/daily-number/seven-in-10-young-adults-favor-same-sex-marriage/

May the 4th Be With You…Always (courtesy of )

Watt's "liberal" slide in comparison to Democratic Caucus' & GOP Conference's moves in opposite directions #ncpol

well, this Friday just got fun

e-mail of the day: if this is your biggest concern in life, then you have real issues

On Flight Delays, 62% of Dems blame GOP Reps while 67% of GOPs blame Dem Reps http://www.people-press.org/2013/04/29/political-blame-for-flight-delays-spread-evenly/ #bipartianship

Screenshot of Benton County (AR) GOP Newsletter with 2nd Amendment statements by committee member

Via : Importance of college grads w/ "both broad knowledge in a variety of areas & knowledge in specific major"

With Charlotte mayor's decision not to run for 3rd term, here's the city's reg voters' party breakdown #cltpol #ncpol

Among 2012 NC Hispanic/Lat voters: 25% of 66+ YO voters were reg GOP (highest), 13% of 18-25 were reg GOP #ncpol 4/5

Among 2012 NC 18-25 YO voters: 42% of white voters were reg GOP, while 4% of non-white Voters were GOP #ncpol 3/5

In NC's 2012 general election, the registered party % breakdowns by age groups show 18-25 YO the least GOP #ncpol 2/5

Via : 45% of conservative GOPers say #SCOTUS is liberal, while 48% of lib Dems say court is conservative


Is there a difference in "racial antagonism" between the South & North? http://wfae.org/post/south-more-racist-north