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Was great meeting my niece this weekend!! (Ladies look at how sensitive I am!)

Seriously, don't be picky on available exits when your plane is sinking. #funwithsafety

Different picture, but still, women help men get out first. #funwithsafety

Always remember, men before women and children. #funwithsafety

Whether crashing in mountains or sea, still no smoking #funwithsafety

Pray to the no smoking rule #funwithsafety

Get your baby harnassed and then sort of let him just float away. #funwithsafety

No graph machines! gameboys are okay but not devices that kind of look like gameboys. #funwithsafety

Absolutely NO devices made before 1990! No exceptions! No toy cars! #funwithsafety

Everybody out of the airplane! Dance Party! #funwithsafety

Jump out of the aircraft like the end of the breakfast club. Still no smoking after the horrific crash. #funwithsafety

Follow these easy 6 steps to save your life. Do step 5A before step 5A!

If you try to bring your briefcase, you'll get shoved out violently.

When is "Unloved Freak" going to be an M&M character?

Bears WR Sam Hurd arrested on federal drug charges, accused of attempting to distribute cocaine. Exclusive pic:

Sons of Anarchy are really skimping on them jackets these days.

Germans unite! Let's hope this goes better than the last time.

This pretty much sums up Cougardom.

Continental breakfast done right. #foodcoma