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Chelsea fan trying to build awareness of the beautifull game in the US so my kids will have a better experience than me...

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Why does Sylvie have a better fauxhawk than her hubby? #lifesunfair

doesn't count if you need alcohol to get to that status. Jacob is that cute inherently. Evidence:

What's worse than morning meetings? Morning meetings with Microsoft douche nozzles...

Gnite twitter! Proof:

One more for good measure. The sky is gorgeous in this one

What's the only acceptable excuse for ignoring twitter and missing a #Chelsea match? This...

Annnd the 4 of us on the balcony. FACT:I don't look near as cute when I'm in the frame with these 3

Made it to the beach. Jacob officially luffs the ocean.

Jesse the sleepin pimp

Alright here is your "post-run shower" pic you requested. Use it wisely.

This is what bored at work looks like

I found one that is (note im iffy on the other one) RT : Everyone's older than Ted.

Jesse James is #adoracute

If this doesn't get some #adoracutes then I don't what will...

The good luck of "Jacob the 10 shirt" is available for any and all #Ned supporters though the weekend That is all

Feel free to use my boy as your avatar until the weekend is over. He's been good luck so far

You know what fits great when you lose 60lbs? EVERYTHING!

Step one in the "Can I be an Everton fan" quest. Thoughts?

What does Jacob want on tv in the play room? THE GAME! HUP HOLLAND HUP!

No more pics of him I promise. But Mrs CaryFC sneak attacked me to get this one. Some good looking boys.

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