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David Carr, Media Equation column, blogs @ Decoder, covers pop culture at NYTimes. Tweets hi-low, news, whatnot. Author: Night of the Gun. http://amzn.to/lhYAP5

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Until they get a nice lesson in hydraulics. Pride goeth ...

  • 1915 days ago via site
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A lesson on the Sacandaga River today. Eveybody laughs and profiles on the river ....

  • 1915 days ago via site
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we don't need no stinking rafts or guides. just innertubes and good life jackets.

  • 1920 days ago via site
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we threaded the needle on these rocks and made it through the drop below them. rafts are for sissies. Tubes rule

  • 1920 days ago via site
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Made it through the Devil's Pass on Sacandaga with wingman Maddie on nothing more than inner tubes and good looks

  • 1920 days ago via site
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Trying to get rid of food baby from #BigAppleBBQNY. So proud of gal who organized,, prolly cuz am married to her

  • 1944 days ago via site
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A few buddies in boat and a bayou stretching into the horizon, 3 wks before #oilspill. #ParadiseLost

  • 1946 days ago via site
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Golden Meadow, LA, April 15, 3 weeks before spill. #oilspill

  • 1946 days ago via site
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Toby Duet: He had a good thing going, running charters our of amazing house on stilts in swamp. Now, not so much.

  • 1946 days ago via site
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April 15, Happier times in the Gulf. The booms didn't hold. Tarpon tourney canceled. #ParadiseLost

  • 1946 days ago via site
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Me and Mr. Redfish having a moment b4 BP got to work on bayou. That fish today? Covered in oil like canned tuna

  • 1946 days ago via site
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Sunset in Golden Meadow, LA 3 wks b4 spill. Glad I took picture because doesn't look like this anymore.

  • 1946 days ago via site
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Went for a bike ride near house and came across this historic gem, which I knew nothing about. Rev War industrial.

  • 1957 days ago via site
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Louisiana in happier times: Grabbed some redfish on bayou before Big Oil put an end to that for god knows how long.

  • 1980 days ago via site
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A redfish out of the bayou south of New Orleans. We grabbed a few just before Big Oil buried the resource.

  • 1980 days ago via site
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Graduational pull: My daughter and her posse at UMich. She's on right. forgive dad guy post

  • 1983 days ago via site
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See the Old learn about 4Sq from John Crowley at 4Sq party

  • 2033 days ago via site
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hold your friends close and yer agent closer. Flip Brophy accosted at book party for party

  • 2055 days ago via site
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Pretty sure if I was a cat, you'd let me do my business inside. Sheesh, not fit for man nor beast out here.

  • 2066 days ago via site
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Is that brocoli rabe in my bf sandwich or at you just glad to see me? at Diner in Wburg

  • 2067 days ago via site
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