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Thanks to for making my day (week...month...) My #Surface is already making my life easier.

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Sitting in the chair. TV studios = playgrounds for adults.

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No sale.

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Using a BlackBerry to capture my blog on an iMac in the Apple Store. Heresy?

Frasier sees a rainbow. The color-blindedness thing renders him somewhat unimpressed.

As good a picture of the ginormous rainbow as I'm going to get with my 'Berry's camera. Imagine in, k?

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Dear Wal-Mart: About that no-photography rule in your stores...

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Sending bits across the planet from my little perch watching the munchkins at gymnastics. Life is good.

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Cyclophotography, take 1. Got a little reflective...

I sure hope this car's driver wasn't disposing of a body. But in case he was, I snapped this.

Back to the life of the bike commuter. First ride done. Now to get myself back home at the end of the day.

Sometimes, inspiration comes from above. I wonder what this contrail is telling me. Hmm...

Getting ready for a radio interview in my hi-tech studio, aka the wondervan.

Fish. Frozen. I think I'll name him Herman.

Drove home with the sunroof open. Yet another reminder that life can be good.

I have it on good authority that Gordon Lightfoot is still alive. The folks in the newsroom here say so.

A boy and his dog. Life is good.

Po almost gets herself onto live TV.

Guy on the right doesn't know how to say "thank you". Next time, should I make him wait?

Po's ready to go live in 3...2...1...

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