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Just a maverick cop who can't play by the rules with a cranky partner on his last job before he retires.

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A tourist trap for geography nerds. I am susceptible.

There are many things I would like explained about this, but let's start with Ms Curtis's pose and expression.

What about the traditional cuisine of San Marino, you ask? Wherever you go, you can find these local specialties.

Gotta respect this restaurant's foresight. It's never too early to be ready for the holidays.

I'm going to have to start saying "gosh darn" more often.

Famed for its Holy House, Loreto is one of the most visited pilgrimage sites in Italy. Also, they have live Disney.

If you're wondering about the exotic ways foreign countries celebrate the 4th of July, wonder no longer.

I apologize if this seems risqué.

Suggested use: record an array of Hegelian extracts. Hilarity ensues. #SkyMall

Can I get this as a belt buckle for unsuspecting loved ones? One would obviously record an array of farts. #SkyMall

No commentary from me: these items sell themselves. Understandably, "no discounts apply." #SkyMall

This takes the concept of mom jeans to a whole new level. #SkyMall

Someone at #SkyMall apparently knows the exact size of a real yeti. This concerns me.

This man believes children are endangered by gay people. This beautiful, shirtless, hairless man.

Birthday party for !

Thanks, I'll take my chances with my own grammur.

This could be the anemone of my anemone.

Reasons to own:

1. Love of Japanese culture
2. Frighten sumo burglars
3. Elegance


Stay classy, #SkyMall

The entire #walkingdead series was inspired by this #SkyMall classic.

True story.

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