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Opening Day

I KNEW I still had this card! #diggingthrewrandonboxonOpeningDayEve

I'd be lying if I said this wasn't the most perverted card I've seen in 2012 #collect

Behold! The best-looking Robin Yount card I've ever seen! #collect

hey, EVERY THING has a price! #collect

Maaaaaaaaan! I thought these all were for me. Two if three are for wifey. #collect

Where you going, Meat? #CluHaywood #MajorLeague

Aw, yeah! Rookie Issue of Beckett Monthly (reprint) #collect

I think should bring back the jumbo card school folders! #collect

A baseball card product so bad that I wouldn't buy them for 25 cents a pack ... #collect #thrifttreasures

Oh, you know what's up ... ;)

Mr. was the Managing Editor of "Sports Collector's Bible" second Ed. #collect

Have I ever showed off my copy of "The Sports Collector's Bible" written by Bert Sugar w/ James Beckett? #collect

Bought two packs of 2012 Heritage from and pulled this: #collect #thehobby

I thought this card didn't exist

This could have been a cool Thrift Treasure if the price weren't $14.99 at goodwill. Boo! #collect

SWEET Starlin Castro 2012 Heritage GU card. Is s that blood?! #collect

If a card ever deserved a 1/2 inch thick lucite screw down it's this! #collect

First 2012 Heritage cards hitting Snagged a rookie. #collect

Dear bring these back ... With a vengeance! Limit them to 25. INSTANT cardboard gold #collect