Sup. I like comics. Bucky is my spirit animal. #bam is my favorite hastag. I say bro a lot and I like to think I'm cool when I'm not.

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sleepy kitty purr purr purr

just so you guys know I bought this, yes? I stood in the parkinglot and chugged over half.

slid into home to win the game hahahahaha

raaaain go away

woo flowers :B

elap era sgel ym gnad. :) gnihtabnus!!

ytterp os. <3<3<3<3<3

I really suck at Rummy

questionable hat taste...

this is my day so far wooo

i feels'd errwhere

lets be clear i have large dogs and my uncle gave me these to give to them...

i've been messing with this since a little after 8. Its almost 10. I'm not even halfway done. Fml.

i'm not lucky enough for a fortune. Hahahahaha.

shit i need to go shower before i do fall asleep with heeeer jdhdbbn

i got this weird ass bruise on my arm idej

This is my go to Sterek song --

converted to C because I love you guys but woooo