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., have you had any reports of your recycled glass tumblers spontaneously bursting? It’s a clean break!

Hubba, Hubba! Tasty meal at Rodizio Grill… aaaand we’re stuffed. enjoyed his pineapple lemonade!

How interesting.

So many house projects today that've made me so happy. Thank you, !

This is the face of a proud man who’s successfully installed a garbage disposal…w/out losing any digits!

Incredibly grateful for … unafraid to pursue things bigger than we imagine are even possible! #WRECKED

Here’s a lovely shot of the pillows she made for us (sweet thing) out of leftover fabric…REALLY?! :-)

“This has been in my head since TUESday!,” she says as she play Horbsby’s Spiderfingers from her iPod. LOVE. ❤❤❤

GoinToThaMoviezWitMyBoo&IceeYeeeeuuuuh #Valentimes

. told me to take today off & that all I’m getting for V Day is an itinerary. I LOVE LIFE WITH THIS MAN!

Do you know if Aaron & the guys copyrighted the name? If so, this mega-pastor might owe ‘em something…

Do you know if Aaron & the guys copyrighted the name? If so, this mega-pastor night owe 'em something…

"El Rodeo" is about 50 paces to the left of our new house...and I think you might like it! :-)

Well, I guess you could say our Chapter One is closed!

How bittersweet!

I'm excited 'bout what's 'bout to happen here. w/

That's a beautiful sight, y'all. New fridge, same love.

We're in love. And so healthy.

Doesn't get better than "I'll transform the Valley of Trouble into a gateway of hope"!

Workin' so haaarrrrd, y'all...& givin' in to the chalk paint cult. :-)

Moving with is so compartmentalized…the man luuuvs his cubbies!