Cara Lynch


Swimming through life on NY's North Coast. Editor @ProgCongress News. Office peace negotiator, professional aunt, amateur goofus.

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I can get to where I want to be, I just have to swim this. Thanks map app.

Mama cat agrees.

here's my niece with a bat. (Close enough) ;)

Happy St Patty's Day!

Lazy Sunday.

Here. Allergy free Grumpy Cat. He'll watch with you.

Molly, meet Grumpy Cat.

I, Ninja.

What part of "midnight snack" do you not understand, human?

Not helping.

Putting up the tree? I'm plotting to bring it down.

This could get complicated... ;) RT : So, can we judge agree that all the reindeer are brown?

Proof! They're real! RT : OMG, suggested "black angels." … Someone give water.

cat powah

Warm wash, gentle cycle please.


Good morning!

Guess who's going out to buy a new phone.

The laundry's not going to be put away anytime soon.

RT : Roundtable: Boehner needs a concession on Obamacare to keep his job