The Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate is a Georgetown University social science research center that focuses on Catholicism and the Catholic Church.

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GSS: Percentages of Americans, ages 18 to 39, who have never married or had children moving to majority status.

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Einstein to Fr. LemaƮtre: "most beautiful and satisfactory explanation of creation." 72% of US Catholics believe.

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To date 86% of news coverage of Gosnell in local newspapers & news wires. Others: Wash Times, Fox, CNN, USA Today.

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Have a grandma from "the old country"? More than likely you are Catholic or a religiously-affiliated non-Christian

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Why so many find faith in jail? Those without an affiliation more likely than religious to have ever been arrested

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Numbers of Catholic priests (diocesan and religious) increasing in Africa, Asia, and Americas. Europe in decline.

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Global dist. Catholic pop., clergy, parishes, sacraments, religious. More:

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Europe's Catholic pop. has not declined. But it hasn't grown much either. There are ominous signs in baptisms...

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Looked to see if 'conspiracy' St. Malachy searches up w/ conclave. More concerned w/ U.S. decline for St. Patrick.

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Looking for the Irish? Here's the map by U.S. county. Fact: Only 29% of U.S. Irish self-id as Catholic (GSS 2012):

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U.S. Catholics have grown more uncertain about papal infallibility since `04. Yet few consider this to be "false."

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Ideal family size? In 2012, U.S. Catholics more likely than those of other faiths to say three or more children.

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Faith & History: U.S. Catholics least content with here/now. Choose Wild West or Summer of `67 over Ancient Rome.

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Voting cardinals & global Catholic pop. by ASE region. Electors more likely to be from N. Hem./Western countries.

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Even very serious social scientists celebrate Mardi Gras. Melissa Cidade will be buying CARA's king cake next year

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About half of Catholics look forward to/celebrate Valentine's Day. Protestants are more enthused, Nones less so.

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Catholic schools face declining numbers of potential Catholic students (i.e., infant baptisms projected forward)

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Sober Choice: More of all religious affiliations would like Election Day off work than the day after Superbowl.

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Outside of baby boomers' school years, students enrolled per US Catholic school has been in the mid to upper-200s.

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Catholic Schools Week: Recession effects waning? Numbers of Catholic schools with waiting lists increasing again.

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