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Future power, N. Michigan.

Northern Michigan bathroom literature

More real life Minecraft.

Yeesh - it's even uglier in real life. #jeepcherokee

One advantage of having XM radio -- uncensored this:

Of all the DVD's I tried to sell, there is one I almost couldn't give away for free (for the record, I never bought this)

Red Hot Skate Rock featuring the Red Hot Chili Peppers

I feel like some companies should just get over the fact that their products are a necessary evil, and stop trying to change the world

The Big Box o' Obsolete CPU Heat Transfer Technologies

A gulf separates these two.

Some people have family Bibles...

Just got my dieselsweeties mugs from - one for me, two for some classic Mac fans in my life.

We commend you, guy who makes the weird little curtains out of tp in the men's bathroom #realamericanhero

"Yo hang on a sec lemme go unplug my car"

Today, in my church service, I shall pretend I have the honorary title of Witch Doctor.

Finally sending out my original Nook Color to a new user through - it's been a great tablet.

"Space" goggles, age 11.

You're in good company, Rush Limbaugh


I was all set to make fun of this play, but the poster is surprisingly awesome