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Trusses attached last night!

Big scope progress tonight. Not all done with the trusses, but close. Also, I need to clean the garage.

Found a little time this morning & made the lid & feet for the mirror box and did the rough sanding. Not too bad.

On a related note, astronomer cat is astronomer.

Got the upper tube assembly frame finished today & attached the focuser.

Not quite as good as the previous one, but sufficient. I can smooth it out some later.

Not bad, seeing as I did it with a jigsaw.

This bear looks familiar...

Wtf, military themed WD-40?

You wish you were this lucky.


Foolish cat, the ladder specifically says that is not a step.

This cat knows how to ride in the car safely:

And the Meade DS-16 I'm babysitting:

Compare and contrast the new 6", rated for 400 lbs, wheels with the 4" rated for 120 ones.

Until now, I only feared Kwll.

OVER 9000?!

This was my Xmas present from one of my brothers:

Telescope tube attached. Now waiting on some springs I ordered for the mirror. Need a latitude clamp too.

Woo. The mount is done. Now to build the telescope part & attach it.

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