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  • 1379 days ago via site
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Your R2D2 tweet now has me concerned.

  • 1456 days ago via site
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Hello Jill and Joselyn. I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

  • 1459 days ago via site
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I'm sorry, but this Justin Bieber thing is out of control.

  • 1812 days ago via site
  • 4,438

Some days you just want to take off both shoes, one sock and pick your nose.

  • 1814 days ago via site
  • 3,996

Yes, I followed her around Trader Joe's. It was *too* good. She was holding "melons" in front of her, um...

  • 2110 days ago via site
  • 4,112

Max doesn't feel his best. But he's still handsome as ever.

  • 2140 days ago via site
  • 970

Speaking of hot, my friend Ryan Eggold was named one of People's Sexiest Bachelors today. Watch him try to be "un"sexy the other day. And FAIL!

  • 2165 days ago via site
  • 1,037

So this little surprise was outside my door just now. Of course I left a thank you note in return.

  • 2169 days ago via site
  • 1,418

"Ruff, Ruff....psst, hey you, with the camera phone. Kill me. Please."

  • 2177 days ago via site
  • 952

Nothing could stop Jean Pierre's brazen plan to shoot up the Coffee Bean. Nothing...except his narcolepsy.

  • 2179 days ago via site
  • 885

Write caption that involves the words "stool pigeon" or wonder how to ask this guy if he's in line for the bathroom at Coffee Bean? WTF?!

  • 2181 days ago via site
  • 842

Nobody knows how it got there, but the Hollywood Wax Museum would like it back.

  • 2188 days ago via site
  • 809

Charlene didn't need a DNA test to prove that Don King was her long lost brother. Somehow, she just knew...

  • 2192 days ago via site
  • 725

Max, you haven't seen my cupcake, have you? It was right here a second ago. #woofwednesday

  • 2193 days ago via site
  • 651

"....and finally, thank you, Jesus, for my awesome hair.....Amen."

  • 2193 days ago via site
  • 1,033

Dear Sleeping Security Guard at Whole Foods, I totally just shoved a pineapple down my pants and you didn't catch me. Ha HA!

  • 2194 days ago via site
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This is from my grandmother's "companion." Start at the bottom and welcome to my life.

  • 2195 days ago via site
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His valiant attempt to get laid, and his belt, both failed miserably.

  • 2195 days ago via site
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This band-aid's been on the floor of my gym. For 2 days. Now where's the machine that strengthens my immune system?

  • 2197 days ago via site
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