The kid wiff the big big plans ✌

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Morning swim <3

Breakfast @ Spring Park.. I missed this! :)

Perss taymm #nommmmm

Lets ge it on! Haha #hikaye :)

Dream catcher necklace! Thanks :D

For midnight snack! :) health conscious naman knu ko rn ;)

Greyy clouds now!! Yaaaaay! :D

Mehehehehe :>


Playin 1-2-3 pass! #goodvibeswhilewaitingforzerain :)

Mkaaaay.. Goodnight tweeps! :*

There'll be eyes watching yoooou!! Loljk cctv's will. Hahahahahhaa #wakoysense hahahahahaha!

Embrace messy haair! #work #work #work #theIforgotwhatnumberruleofalady

Ze car i've been eyeing on for dayss. #dreamcarcoloreverrr <3.<3

So there's this raffle thing goin on right now... Hello, 52 :)



Yellow Watermelon #yuuuuumeh

Home made japanese tempura for dinner!

Ooooohlala! Ze Water Adventure excites me to the bones ☼