The kid wiff the big big plans ✌

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#Mayii in the hooouse!! <3

But on the bright side, i met this cutie little Ren-Ren from Salon de Rose earlier!!

Mamabear sisterbear.. :))

Pretty Jaaam! Ill be keeping this forevs <3

In love with my new shoes!! Thanks mamabear!! <3

Two egg yolks in an eggshell.. #beyondamazed :))

Stopover at Panky's otw home! <3

Anti tulo-sipon!

Lines again :)

Thanks mumma! :*

'I could remeber that. Were I to forget it, Harriet, it would go very ill with me.'// awwww <33

'Could you be so kind as to remember that I love you absolutely?'// <3

Souvenir nko from gold's.. Been keeping this for 6 days now..

Obsessed with lines.. :))

Empty wallet! Omg!!

It's a pink and black thing. :)

Panky's gift! Excited to celebrate his first tmr! <3

Get well soon, Slurpeee :(((

Yaaay they bought pizza for me! :3

Fun under the rain!