I just really like boats OK. There will be fandom, and SJ rage, and politics and drunk tweets. #warnings Add me! #butnotinaneedyway

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ModCloth is getting PRETTY RIDICULOUS with their ads. Just leave me alone to watch Sidney Crosby score goals OMG

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As suggested by see my mad Wikipedia game skills, Mary of Teck to Fall Out Boy in a couple of clicks.

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Great grown up, totally not fandom related, book purchases :P

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How adorable is my apartment now? Very is the answer. ( you can change it when you get home, if you don't like it. Maybe)

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Floral shoe purchasing victory! Kind of bought these by accident... oups.

  • 1763 days ago via site
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Typhoon supplies.

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So this is happening. Oh dear. I blame 's pitch on .Pretty sure I'm too old for bandom. Whatever

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Now THAT is a weather forecast.

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RAIN! Picture from my balcony. Also, very impressive thunder.

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Jackfruit chips! So amazingly good.

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Well this is the answer to the which 4 CDs would you take with you to Vietnam for 2 years question :P

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I present The Wall of Cultural Appropriation () some of those postcards are from London and Ireland though, I can haz culture too?

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I live in fear that the condiments and spices army will attack in the night and the counter space will be entirely under their control.

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My book depository order arrived! YA fantasy and body acceptance! YAY!

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I need a bookshelf.

  • 2214 days ago via site
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I will get through this week to next Saturday, I will.

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Friday afternoon. Must wait til housemates get home, must wait til...

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The super futuristic looking North Melbourne train station at around 8am.

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The view from my (childhood) room.

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