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Married, two kids, two dogs, work at Canada Post, one car, pretty exciting eh! hahah. Oh ya, BILLS!!!

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Hmmm Bacon and cheddar burgers and mushrooms.

This is a pic of a tattoo that I have talking about getting done since I was wee lad.

Good Kerri. Sitting in Kenora having lunch. So nice out today. How are you?

Well Haps it is. Sure is nice out here!!!

Nice night out here!!

The weather has cooled in Grand Forks abit. Humidity is dropping. Going down to 64F tonight. Nice !!

Lalala, wife is sleeping. Time to play!!!

Got to love the Nurses!!!!!!

Good Support!!!!!

hahaha, yes your coffee is right here.

On the line!!!!

Still nice here!

Salute to you!

Wow, wife crashed , I'm drinking by myself, is this a good idea, hmmmm!!!

Sure tasting good!!!!

It sure is beautiful out.

What a nice night!