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Here lies Candy Kirby, who wasted an unseemly amount of her life voting in online Who Wore It Best? polls. --My Inevitable Epitaph

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Somewhere, Miley is conspiring to steal this look -- but without the cumbersome jacket and pants. #FashionPolice

  • 445 days ago via site
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If you really are what you eat, my kids are 100% chocolate today. #HappyEaster

  • 539 days ago via site
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Caught a staffer sniffing another staffer's butt in the new Laughing Stork HQ. This isn't covered in our HR manual

  • 578 days ago via site
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You know the artist who did Kate Middleton's official portrait? He did mine, too! What do you think?

  • 617 days ago via site
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It was on Jen Aniston 1st before it got stolen-much like Brad Pitt #bitchstolemylook

  • 619 days ago via site
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Kanye and Kim buy Bel Air mansion for $11, reports Us Weekly. Wow, house prices really ARE way down.

  • 621 days ago via site
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This playa is 18 months old!

  • 647 days ago via site
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Our cat Lucy would like to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving in her usual classy way...

  • 669 days ago via site
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Parents bid farewell to Daylight Savings Time... and their morning sleep.

  • 686 days ago via site
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The benefit of being Mrs. Potato Head: No need to suck in my gut,

  • 694 days ago via site
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Here's a sign that you just might be a dad...

  • 706 days ago via site
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Everywhere I turn today, I am tripping over dismembered Mrs. Potato Head body parts. It's like CSI: Idaho here.

  • 711 days ago via site
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Marcy has something she would like to say...

  • 720 days ago via site
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"Eyes up here, lady." #2BaredGirls #Emmys

  • 727 days ago via site
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You know you're a mom when... (as inspired by my glamorous weekend -- and, yes, I am still washing that same load)

  • 734 days ago via site
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Truer words have never been babbled.

  • 737 days ago via site
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Tori Spelling welcomes son Finn Davey! In response to the happy news, Tori's uterus posted this message...

  • 752 days ago via site
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If imitation is sincerest form of flattery, then has been flattering me to DEATH. (Can stop now! Please.)

  • 755 days ago via site
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5'8" and in heels, yet my pantsuit is still way long. Must have ordered from her Shaquille O'Neal line.

  • 755 days ago via site
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My daily alarm clock...

  • 761 days ago via site
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