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I do blue, because red is too easy.

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Mmmm, cold diet pepsi

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My yubikey is starting to look well loved

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Why would the "Security division" of a certain 3 letter company have such a horrible password policy?

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Now why would someone think that *I* need something like this?

Made my own tie tacks this weekend. Yup that's a photoresistor and a 555 timer. Sorry pic quality stinks.

Well alright.....shh don't tell my wife.

Seriously , a 3d printer that prints with Easy Cheese, called Cheesebot. Made by & ppl love it.

Hey check out this EasyCheese cnc machine built by from . It prints in CHEESE!

I have been promoted to the messiah for the panel discussion today.

Thank you for once again taking such good care of those packages. Unattended again for at least 10 minutes.

This was in a box of old childhood things. Check out that pull tab...

I also have all of your AT to PS/2 needs covered as well. #WhyWasIKeepingThisJunk

Not only did I find a stash of floppies, I found my copy of Kermit 95. #oldschool

56k and BEYOND! Ah technology books how ungracefully you age.

#Defcon badge line is at least a quarter mile long. It has already reached the casino.

My daughter got into my wifes make-up this morning. Apparently she is a big fan of the Heath Ledger Joker.

Sing it Frank...

Building my Wayne and Layne Blinky Grid. I love these kits.

Hacking the Gibson at . Prepping to bring the awesomeness to #defcon.

Seurat's Sunday afternoon on the island of la grande jatte in cake, by my super talented wife.

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