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Dauna!! Brian and I had so much fun hanging w/ you in Nashville this week!

It’s so strange you won’t be in town this week. I mean, you ARE Nashville.

I did

I did indeed pick Mercer—an upset I actually put thought into. Duke’s been disappointing

I would just like to say not EVERYone’s brackets were busted by Mercer toppling Duke <clears throat humbly>

You’re right, the hat made for a fashion situation we all struggled with. You do formal very well though

In case you wanted this for your Twitter avatar or anything, I wanted to make sure to send you the file:

Why would they ever stop selling Chuck Norris Action Jeans™?? They won't bind your legs!

Daft Punk and Pharrell accepting their Record of the Year win:

The winners of record of the year:

The winners of record of the year:

The winners of record of the year:

Arby Pharrell is now Mounty Pharrell!

The exact moment the Grammy committee voted Macklemore best rap album:

And the winner for best pop duo:


Also, summers aren’t bad in Florida—at least not as bad as people think. Way better than the midwest.

This just isn’t right.