I specialize in pointless tweets, YouTube and 80s music are always a plus in my book 2/21/05•10/9/08

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Did some Facebook stalking and uncovered some of your former classmates. Remember any?

I see you way down at the very end.

This person should NOT move to Southern California then. #yahooanswers

TRUE STORY-- girls can be aggressive at times.

Pulled this for who wasn't too impressed.

How can this NOT be

Hi , here is a fan of yours when she began watching I dream of Jeannie.

Granddaughter of Chrissy from Three's Company, who also attends college w/my sister. #smallworld

If you've seen the video then you would realize how funny this comment actually is.

Thx for the hoodie , can always count on you and for the bhhs items. Keep em coming!

My uncle swears Rachel (relative) and I are identical. Umm what?!

Huge shout out to bill MURRAY for making the list

Who needs Will Ferrel's sweater when my bf just gave me his USC hoodie.✌

This is rad, a tee with detachable cape. Excuse the wrinkles, it just arrived.

Time for a break from falling every 4 seconds the past hour.

Sharleen from the bachelor (left) and a friend of ours (right). Similarities?

A pic of my dad Rick as a ten year old in either 1970 or 1971?

Using the tweets near me function and this user can stay with me if she wants to! (NO Don't leave)

Using the tweets near me function and came across this user at LAX. She doesn't have to leave, she can stay with me.

This is Tim Allen at the laugh factory taken four years ago.