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UI designer/dev living in Vancouver. たまには日本語でもツイートします。

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the antialiasing (or is that a drop shadow?) on the Acrobat X Pro welcome screen makes me feel like I need new glasses

Sometimes I really miss Japan… not in summer so much, though. (Mind you, 15ºC? Really?)

: People Who Say They're Moving To Canada Because Of ObamaCare” –Best comment was:

To be fair, Microsoft's new Surface table accessories are looking pretty hot:

I haven't tested this in CS6 but it looks promising

Adobe CS6's cloud install is a lot easier than previous version installs but I see the updater is still a bit buggy:

this is a day late but I used "content-aware fill" to simulate "after"

if wifi causes any health problems, my family is so fucked:

My daughter's newest hobby… retouching photos on the iPad with Autodesk SketchBook. Can't wait to teach her Photoshop.

whoa, SpaceX launch y'all:

The only way I can properly RT 's hilarious trolling of a Windows anti-virus peddler is with a screenshot

My kids auditioning for the Blue Man Group or an outtake from Eitaibashi in Tokyo?

Facebook still thinks I'm in Japan. At least it's targeting ads at my correct age, I guess...

Is there any corner of the galaxy that hasn't heard about the Tupac hologram yet?

My kids at the old samurai castle in Toyama… wish I could have been there too.

- you have a weird character in the top copy on the GDCWTF site; careful when you paste right from Illustrator:

really? The Canadian Store has one change:

btw check out the Messages beta running in HiDPI (Retina) mode on my machine:

My wife just showed me a menu from an Iron Chef's restaurant in Toyama - I'm totally going when I get there. Wow.

almost as many as I've lost to Twitter, I bet: