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Any other users unable to see Twitter hosted pics in the app after the last update? REALLY ANNOYING!

Pic says it all.

Go Trees!

It's officially Barn hate week. If you're interested in hating on the most hateable coach of all time here you go.

we've got nice ones today.

DO Y'ALL REMEMBER HOW AWESOME THESE WERE?! //furiously checks eBay to find some//

this will ALWAYS be my favorite.

has begun the "slow clown." It's better than you can imagine.

#DailyGump: walking down the MIDDLE of Lakeshore. Ensemble included Bama: beanie, jacket & backpack.

The wife & I just swapped cars... :-/

I attached what this needed: a pic. RT I once had a bobcat as a pet. Sure miss her. She was my friend.


He's wearing short boots w/ zippers & no socks. #SILsDoucheyBF

. has enrolled in Frat so Hard University. #RollTide

music might be a stretch... He is still performing. He's also on twitter.

Y'all remember last year when Wes Byrum tweeted this? I think I'm going to have him invest some $ for me. #Prophet