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I write books and rock out.

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Game over, Moon Pie.

Steve, how have we displeased you?


You know, just going out for a bite.

Hey , you're our inspiration.

ohshit, there was supposed to be a picture w that:

Second tattoo: in Steve the Fruitbat's own image

Why I'm not getting any work done:

Drinking one of these and reading 's story in Son of Retro Pulp Tales. #nerdpartyinvegas

It's vodka, Chambord, 7up and cranberry juice. I call it Purple Rain.

Merry friggin' Batmas.

Hurr, don't mind me.

Ready for SteamCon:

Oh hai. Hope you weren't plannin' on usin this

Happy Halloween, now bow before your new overlords.

This is my new favorite thing. Sorry, human beings.

My toaster is better than your toaster.

Hey ! Did you see this guy?

Hey twitter, guess where I am:

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