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I love it that the LEGO Iron Man Malibu Mansion Attack set lets you play Pepper in the suit. She’s on the box!

On the other hand, free Zyrtec! Woo hoo!

Rarely a good sign when the receptionist looks at your shot location and then calls over a nurse. And the doctor.

#CokeZero400 race traffic is picking up. Soon I’ll be forced to subside on what I can forage on foot. Or this.

The free book shelf at work is getting interesting.

It’s over. It’s… gone. #googlereader

This was just handed to me. I post it here, without comment.

This jar of sprinkles has been in our breakroom for at least 3 years, and every week I think about eating it. #diet

Either the recap page is screwed up, or took a much darker turn this season. http://bit.ly/11lgWht

For the next couple of months, this is my desk. I'm thinking I need more monitors.

Any chance of a high-res Keep Writing download or print? Already glaring at me from my iPad…

“For gleeful elation,” because depressing elation just isn’t as good.

Now when I turn on my iPad to kill time, glares at me and tells me to write more.

. Oh, we’ll think of something… #TabletopDay

Because you should never go to #bikeweek without your rubber chicken. That's just crazy talk. #njbikeweek

Endless luck! #TED2013

Drive to the Speedway during the #DAYTONA500 just to see if I could. #countingcoup

Being stuck in stop-and-go race fan traffic loses its appeal after the first hour or so. #DAYTONA500

Sometimes I like driving Teres’s car just to count the people discretely taking pics of her bumper stickers.

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