The story is alive. I see it in all of us. -- Joss Whedon on Firefly.

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Ft Myers Beach at sunset.

The Cottage at Ft Myers Beach - get the Calosa Shrimp, OM NOM NOM NOM!

My favorite spring flower. :)

4-1/2 hours to go.

Excellent grilchies. #nationalgrilledcheeseday

Mama goose in the new nest, same as the old nest ;)

"The City of Numbered Days", The Golden Age of American Book Design

Easter deviled eggs :)

Prettily decorated thresher-separator


Cathedral of steam

Matlock Tor by Moonlight, Joseph Wright of Derby,

Wild-eyes war horses from The Meeting of David and Abigail, PP Rubens,

Diana, Circle of Giuseppe Mazzuoli,

The Abduction of Helen of Troy, Pierre Puget,

Marble columns at entrance to Rivera Ct,

The Dreams of Men, Tintoretto,

Neptune: Allegory of Winter and Water, attrib to Cattaneo,

Mars: Allegory of Summer and Fire, attrib to Danese Cattaneo,

A Woman, Bernardino Luini