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We are #OnTheAir #spreecast

And we are go. Spreecast!

Technical difficulties. launch party starts soon.

Nice try, bank.

Mt Tam, earlier.

He's a genius. A man amongst men. #FoieGras

Foie gras. Fuck you, law.

Got to the bank, acquired rum. Not the Angostura 1824 but what's the worst that can happen?

The Mission District, San Francisco. #luchadores

Feeling motivated yet? I imagine this as Daft Punk lyrics. #spreecast

The needs a new #TheHooks sticker as some philistine has vandalized this one. #everythingisgolden

Yes. Best drunk impulse buy ever. #opera

the neighbours.

Because nothing says "freedom" like the favoured typeface of the Waffen SS.

As advertised.

He's a trained professional.

We smoked the brisket for seven hours and are now sous-viding in a keg.

This dog is clearly defective.

Not sure that this aircraft inspires confidence ...

A Tesla parked on 16th & Capp. File under "fool and his money".