me and dead owls don't give a hoot.

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This is why I love Chris Hardwick

oh gosh.

Omg this Cumberbatch troll responded to me talking about the 12 Years a Slave marketing and I just can’t

This is my favorite. I wanna get “And I got my purse @ a 70% discount so they can fuck off” tattooed all over my body

Can anything be better than Christopher in this ridiculous fishing hat #thesopranos

Dr. Melfi’s son looks like Bill Hader lol #thesopranos

Sorry, I’ve met a lot of Christians in my life and most of then aren’t this crass, jfc

nobody cares, nerd

This is what happens when you randomly boop at me, phone!!!!!

fml :(

Here’s our death pool. Predictions from L to R: Gill, Tom, Sky, and Me #breakingbad

Omg can you believe the New York Times wrote about ?!

check out theze

And 4 good measure, these were my earrings. (EVERYTHING IS FROM TARGET EXCEPT MY BOOTS LOL)

Dis was my outfit today, fye (for your eyes)

What is this. What does it mean.

This has been my lockscreen for days now and I never want to change it

she would lay on me and stare forever until i die i bet if she could

i’m so proud that u have accepted this in2 ur soul