As a matter of fact, yes, I am talking about you.

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We're having a heat wave. :-/

Would it be mean to wrap this up an give it as a white elephant gift?

She says, "whaaaaaaaat?"

I think this pretty much confirms that, yes, Martha Stewart does hate us all

Why, hello there, giant pile of toys that is only half of the total...

GOT talent. Geesh, I must be drunk on Donatos Pizza.

I can't even wrap my brain around the fact that this is happening!

She seems so lonely in the dark and scary closet. :-(

I'm being attacked by a fuzzface

Snow. On the pumpkins.

Crap photo, but this thing is MAGIC. Alexis puts her stuff in the boxes herself.

I'm buying this for all of you for Christmas. You're welcome.

But this? HELL NO.

Yeah, you would buy these

For just $18, you can look like you live under a rock

Red Cup Time!

I would like to run away and make tiny granola thin babies with these things

I'm never going to get out of Costco if this keeps up

Just me or is it seriously tacky to go all preachy when giving out Halloween candy?