As a matter of fact, yes, I am talking about you.

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Because I like to torment my husband, I want to buy this for the kid

Oh, my. Husband took Cody for a haircut and he looks HORRIBLE.

This is why Meg and Alexis fight all the time. Poor Rapunzel...

Apparently and I should learn to check the playroom for live notes from our girls.

The mere existence of this so-called seminar makes me sporky:

Alexis wants to buy this for her dad for his birthday. Bwahahaha!

Doing the five-year doc appointment thing. The smile is going to be history when the shots happen. :-/

Looks like this

Not that I don't know who it was, because I do.

Who says I can't work and drive? Rendering...rendering...rendering...

Twitter = Magic. Thanks, !

You know you're surrounded by yinzers when... #steelernation

No worries! It's ok! I'm sure the Crumb Fairy will be along any second now to clean this up.

I am 50% ecstatic and 50% mortified that somehow that worked.

If I attach my kid to the wall using camouflage duct tape, nobody will be able to see her scream, right?

Pittsburgh is so nice we gave the Caps a police escort.

And the angels sang!

They opened the door to the ticket office and started letting people cut through.

Thousands of people are waiting to get through one tiny opening. NHL fail of epic proportions.

It took me an hour and a half to get to work (usually 40 minutes), but I'm having a better day than this guy: