As a matter of fact, yes, I am talking about you.

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I don't know what this wants to be when it grows up, but I'm calling it "Stuff I bought at the farmers market."

You might be an inconsiderate, jerk-faced space hog if...

Alexis is confused as to why I just made her go back outside after 10 minutes if playing inside. GEE, I WONDER.

The face of victory. Little does she know, she won't be eating for a month to make up for the cost.

Not an exciting color, but it still looks a million times better.

Having a bulldog is costing us less than usual this month because the vet discounted the dumb dog's allergy meds. Yay!


Of course he did. He's doing good.

Hey, , I told you Stein Mart has crazy shoes.

Because clearly I want to be a cripple by the time it's Softball o' Clock. (Biking since the only thing I run is late.)

Ruh roh

Panera dude loading up the unsold bread for a food bank. Awesomeness.

Gotta love that stuff is starting to bloom!

Kids, this is why you shouldn't fight with bookshelves.

It still needs some work, but damn is it starting to be nice to hang out here.

Scratch n Dent Pottery Barn table for for $199. BOW TO THE BARGAIN MASTER!

Well, now this is inconvenient.

This is what you call a Tomato Problem.

Briefly thought that said "Gyno Bowl," and was really very confused.

It's sad that the 16' ladder isn't even close to being enough.