As a matter of fact, yes, I am talking about you.

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I spy with my little eye !

Hi. Need cookies?

The first of the Crazy Scary prizes have arrived and yinz better get ready to brawl. ME. WANT.

OMG I WANT THIS FOR MEEEEEEEE! (Thank you for the Crazy Scary prizes!)

My husband's Man Cave has the most random crap hidden EVERYWHERE.

Aw, , look who I found!

Damn you, ! DAMN YOU!

Yep, and she's pissed and screwing it up on purpose. ::sigh::

I laugh because I'm not the one who drives it.

I laugh because I'm not the one who drives it.

And don't even get me started on the Troysus version.

On what planet does this look ANYTHING like Ben Roethlisberger?

We haven't killed him yet. So there's that.

Fishy on board.

Kid fell asleep in playroom. Cat fell asleep on her head. And THAT is why he's my favorite cat.

I might be wet because I got caught in the rain, but at least I didn't leave my car window open like this guy.

This is why I love .

Me: "What do you think you could do to earn a Justin Bieber album?" Her: "Clean my playroom." KABOOM!

At an antique store and found this. For just $4, you can have a photo of somebody's kid!

Oh my hell, knows how to make zucchini do magical things