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winner of all staring contests,ornithological strategist #worldbunnydomination plush citizen,relayer,commander & ceo of purple bunny productions

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cupcakes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i ate all of them nomnomnomnomnom

hangin out in the luminaria garden at pretty cool

look im tweetin while their sleepin shhhhh!!!!!!!!!

it was lotsa fun miss !!!!!!!! made me laugh a lots we miss you

jays helpin me tweet since jenny is past out we are teachin my dood dean how to tweet right

and miss played us songs which are pawesome!!!!!! me and timmy and fuzz and were front row

i hung out with who is very cool and has his own space suit im jealous and i want one!!!!!!!!!!!

i met whos a kiwi like is and her tall friend whos a spacetweep too they are cool!!!!!

i hung out with 2 tribbbles , timmy, fuzz and it was fun!!!!!!!!

thats me and dean and jay deans the pink one

just bought me and dean an arepas food stuffs they smell yummy!!!!!!!!!!

im hangin out with my friend spiderman today!!!!!!!!

i drew a picture on the ipad it looks cool!!!!!

i stole jennys phone me and roofis and the doods are sleepy good night

no dean we cant eat this girlie stuffs but dood i need a good ear moisturinizer

we rule!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

me and the doods wanna say hi to oliver!!!!!!!

me and the doods are in a secret meeting shhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!

its lotsa money and i dont have iphone4 but i want iphone4!!!!!!its cool look!!!!!!

i gotta call my doods this is cool!!!!!!!!!