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winner of all staring contests,ornithological strategist #worldbunnydomination plush citizen,relayer,commander & ceo of purple bunny productions

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yay #atlantis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i am watchin work and hes very busy

yessssssssssss jennys takin me to see miss joan!!!!!!!! i love her and her broccoli!!!!!! Hi

yeah is teachin me more bunjitsu and we defeated some dalek doods !!!!! it was pawsome!!!!

ha ha i finally stole the cherry soda from you!!!!!!!! i was thirsty

very busy doin important stuffs

i am sad today my bun sister from another mother cinnamon passed away and i do not approve thank you for telling me sad!!!!!!!

yessssssss!!!!!!! was pawsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hello lovely wonderlady #OF20

i approve of this cupcake the birdy is cool too #OF20

i went to today and ate a yummy salted caramel pinkberry and met some ladies!!!!!! pinkberry is good nomnomnom

dood!!!!!! found my cousin!!!!!!jay flew him in today hes swedish i dont know his name yet cause he doesnt know english

they are very yummy!!!!!!! im gonna get some lava cake too bunnies need chocolate say hi to miss joan for me please

dear and thank you for the lemon cookies they are really good im gonna eat em before does bye

i tried to put pictures today but it didnt work but heres me and dean with some crew from

me and dean with miss shes a nice lady i think deans got a crush!!!!! #sts134

i love miss !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

me and dean are watchin the #puppybowl on they are very cute!!!!!!we miss the bunny cheerleaders!!!!


me and dean are on the red carpet wheres ernie?????