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winner of all staring contests,ornithological strategist #worldbunnydomination plush citizen,relayer,commander & ceo of purple bunny productions

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me and black panther are hangin out with dean and his hulks

me and dean demand more votes for sweden!!!!!!!!!!!!!! right ??

hes cool jenny says this guy looks like my mexican brother but i only play guitar???? #wwpw #EpcotFW11

hahahahahaha dean cant have margaritas but me and jenny can!!!!!!! #wwpw #EpcotFW11

dood we are totally mexican jenny would be proud #wwpw #EpcotFW11

mexibun 2.0!!¡¡ #wwpw #EpcotFW11

hahahahahaha dean cant have margaritas but me and jenny can!!!!!!! #wwpw #EpcotFW11

me and dean and donald duck!!!!!! #wwpw #EpcotFW11

dean your fez is too big thats not how #doctorwho does it???? #wwpw #EpcotFW11

i am on a camel not on a boat!!!!!!!! #wwpw #EpcotFW11

his name is rodaaaaan... and he lives in the ocean offa franaaaaaaance!!!!?dean has horns im jealoose

This dood is smart peoples!!!!

we are checked in so #Nasatweetup can start!!!!! #GRAIL

dean i met one of your doods !!! his name is pachycephalosaurus wyomingensis do you know him??????

jenny and approve of the lute and i like it too

my sheepy pals help make guitar strings!!!!!!!! big up to my sheeps!!!!!

dooooods!!!!!!!! this guitar is lots bigger than me!!!!!! im gonna rock out anyways

me and dean are chillin in hi miss joan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i kissed atlantis and i liked it shes so pretty!!!!! #sts135

doods!!!!!!! jenny and me are out here with the press peoples at the space shuttle landing faculty we can see atlantis in 10 minutes #sts135