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winner of all staring contests,ornithological strategist #worldbunnydomination plush citizen,relayer,commander & ceo of purple bunny productions

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me and dean and catwoman and detective moo moo are hangin in jens hat and keepin warm happy new years!!!!!!!!!!

hangin with some pretty princess ladies

i stole jennys cheesecake hahahahahaha!!!!!!!!

ha!!!!!!!!!!! i photo bombed jennys picture with astro and #nasasocial

me and thor are hangin out #avengers

helloooooooo pretty ladies and bunny ladies!!!!!!!!!

me and my pretty lady had a fun day last weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seeing these make me want to hug my swedish lady !!!!!!!!

i won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahahahaha dean just lost the staring contest again #worldbunnydomination

tired!!!!!!! worked out me and dean hard today dean worked out in his sweater so he could sweat more....ew

doooooooooods!!!!!!!! key west is pawesome!!!!!!!!!!

chillin in the car with and on the way to #filmmakingmasterclass in key west!!!!!!!!!!

i have a crush on but dont tell her ok????? is cool

helpin put some rice on her eye cause she got hit in the face with a door last night

doods me and dean are going to today!!!!!!!!!!! i wanna meet shes pretty #yelpintheadies

red velvet birfday cake nomnomnomnomnomnom

. & me had a yummy dinner earlier tonight w/ & !

thank you every bun for wishin me a happy birfday!!!!!!!! the doods surprised me with cake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

swordfightin with dean #Disney24

dood really????