papa johns can go to hell

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I believe in a thing called love

Bringing the old hady back

done after so many mistakes!!! #proud

I almost put this book case together correctly


conchas and horchata #holla

Just got back to Tallahassee! My mother hooked me up:-) :-) :-)

This fucking nerd is at my house.

This is very funny ad because they photo shopped a helmet on her

Not to beep my own horn, but I just put this together myself. didn't think the ass part was gonna be so big though.

I love you, babe.

Why am I not doing homework or cleaning help

I got mail

Why is pumpkin spice latte so important is this some tumblr thing I'm missing out on or something

Forgot to turn my fan on now I'm gonna die of heat stroke great

read that to your pup and he said "frick that noise" and bounced

The #Stan of my dreams.

is a hot garbage loser

Why unpack your house when you can just sit in the loft and listen to music on a rainy day??????


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