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On behalf of Budweiser, and all the Bud Girls, farewell from #BudCamp 2011. Cheers from The King of Beers!

Closing ceremonies! that's it for #BudCamp 2011, You Decide! What do you think, should we do this again next year?

So we have twins here this year. Just one more way everything is over the top at #BudCamp

Now THIS is a beer truck!

On that note... USS JUST TOOK THE STAGE! This crowd is going CRAZY!

(4/4)...here's Kayla from Vancouver! That's gotta give her some camp cred no? Who would you vote for? #BudCamp

(3/4)... Meet Kaley from Pickering Ontario, who found out she was a finalist while out camping! Yes/no?...

(2/4)... Here is Christin from Brantford Ontario! What do you think of her chances? ...

Have you met the #BudCamp Counselor competitors? Voting at camp closes in 36 minutes. Here are their bios... (1/4)

This guys charge a crowd EVERY time! That's why we keep bringing them back! 5 years in a row! #ThisSideUp

Think you could toss a keg 10.5 meters? It's the record to beat this year at #BudCamp

Hey , we weren't fast enough to get the drop, but here is the after effect!

This Bud Girl is ready to tear it up on the 4x4!

Yeah #BudCamp is all about having a good time in a safe way Thanks to our fire, paramedic and police volunteers!

A Bud Girl shows these guys how you run an obstacle coarse like a champ!

This is , just shattered the #BudCamp keg toss record!

He shoots! He scores! She's soaked! Slapshot dunk tank for the win! #BudCamp

Gettin geared up before we hit the rapids. #BudCamp

While the crowd chants #BudCamp #BudCamp - This Side Up gets ready to rock this party.

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