Met @bigtimerush on 2/19/11 & 11-20-11!! @moniquecoleman followed @1loganhenderson & @kelligoss retweeted my tweet. @therealsavannah replied 12-28-11

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RT if you will always be part of that 23% :) I know I am. That is so Fuc*** up

yeah we would. When we find her this is how we all would be standing :)

Did you guys know that Kendalls mom and Logan's mom + sister were in the audience on the ellen show? :)

Aww look its you and fox :) This it the cutest thing I've ever seen :`)

Haha got arrested for stealing MILLIONS of girls hearts <3 ;) RT if your one of them

thats the star :)

RT if you L0VE this picture of haha James gets the ladies ;)

Look they're both trending :) rushers rule!! RT if you agree ;) <3

Look at my drawing. Yep its really really bad but I'll fix it. Promise. When are you coming to NY again? I miss you

look at my drawing. Yeah its bad but ill fix it. Promise. Follow back?? Reply?? RT? Please? =)

Look at my drawing for you guys. Yeah its horrible . But I'll fix it. Follow back?? I've been trying for months please?

Calling bigtimerush ugly?? Well look at this and tell me what you see. I see 4 hot sexy guys who have a heart <3

Kendall looks sooooo effin hottt here :) ahh I think I'm falling in love ALL OVER AGAIN. <3 :)

I love even though he doesn't notice me but I still love him Do you remember this day I do BEST DAY EVER

well I missed your tweet spree. but I want to show you a drawing I made. Dont laugh . I know its BAD!!

This is how we decorate NY style :)

Oh ... kendall... hahah this makes me laugh. I LOVE YOU Please come back to this mall in NY!! <3

look at the picture i made for you guys :) im sorry its not that good but ill fix it :) Merry Christmas <3

awww i love that picture especially hes sooo cutee and loook at face awww

look its me meeting in NY!! Btw that day I bumped into amazingggg day :)

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