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Made it on the #dice board again middle left at #mashsxsw #metametapost

Made it on the #dice board at #mashsxsw #metapost

Metaio inner circle at #mashsxsw

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  • 42 founder explaining how the wii fit had a gateway effect towards a healthier lifestyle. #tpop

I want to build games for these #are2010 #AR

Douglas Magyari of Immersion Intl. (first public anncmnt): insane oled AR goggles by q1 2011(!) #are2010

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Foxhoven is showing Star Wars Old Republic Trailer! (AR=storytelling tool) i was right about him. #are2010

Foxhoven: the esquire box was a step backwards. #are2010

Meier: AR adds "Hedonic Quality" Wow-factor is pleasure based. On stage dragon feels pretty good. #are2010

Uzzan proposes that AR standardize to a single logo (woah, might work) #are2010

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Tish Shuite, Ori Inbar, Bruno Uzzan and Peter Meier at 2nd day kickoff #are2010 #are

Sean White (Nokia santa monica): AR can save the planet via botanical ID and sensor data visuals #are2010

YDreams haptic illusions #are2010

VC comfortable investing in AR and ogmento because defense contracts are a given. #are2010

Shuite on ARWave. Decentralized layer hosting. In real time. Hell. Yes. #are2010

e23 had me on their social AR gaming venture until this slide. #are2010 #socialAR

Whistlebox is murdering these guys. #are2010

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