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truth from the walls of a 2nd grade class room:

after years of hand crafting original tweets, this flippant OH becomes my most retweeted ever (and still going):

how's this for nostalgia. pre-move in walk through

perhaps, but it cuts off after computer and doesn't talk about the second co founder. screen grab:

well would you look at what just arrived. will serve as a daily reminder for just how wild 2012 could be:

these never get old! cc

'bout to run a few experiments in cable cutting

perfect weekend to do some extensive product testing for :

Christmas just came early courtesy of the boys !

feeling every one of these steps right about now:

got crop dusted on my ride today. on a positive note, I can now shoot spider webs from my fingertips:

it's Friday night. is your CEO hustling like this? (txt courtesy of who spotted my checkin on )

the downside of transparency and connectedness:

I'm giving you 2 more min before I lose my self restraint

it's about to get all kinds of nerdy up in here!

ugh, looks like some raccoon went all airbnb on the food storage in my garage

what you think I invest for to push one of these? / cc PS- thanks a lot Hertz!

just finished setting up my and connected it to the . let's do this!

hit up the bobsled with my little bro (pictured) this AM. SLC, you complete me!

back on the floor with the subject of this morning's post: