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Aspiring Independent Game Author. Professional software developer, musician/graphical artist in training. Accept failure. And defy it. 布莱恩•瓦格纳

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Yup, that's me. In my mind. #WillyBeamish

  • 522 days ago via site
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Me & my room-mate's music nook. REALLY excited about it! #RockAndRoll

  • 531 days ago via site
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My friend Aaron doesn't mess around when rocking out to The Who. This is so Rock Star my head exploded. #Bongo!

  • 537 days ago via site
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At it again. Successful people are simply those who keep going. #YouAreBetterThanYouThinkYouAre

  • 565 days ago via site
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Because I just realized how ridiculous I look right now. in the 'phones #Chronotorious #AssassinsCreed

  • 584 days ago via site
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thanks for the note James & Lisanne! You guys are simply fantastic! #IGTM #SomeoneNeedsAHaircut

  • 586 days ago via site
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I will propose to the first person who says I look like Edward Norton in this photo.

  • 586 days ago via site
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My fingers are doing a split in this photo. I actually have 5 of them.

  • 708 days ago via site
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taught myself how to illustrate. How coot is she? Description on

  • 836 days ago via site
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RATM came on Shoutcast and I felt like Neo from the Matrix. This is me at work. On Sunday. In the dark. #FML

  • 963 days ago via site
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